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For Confident Women: Why Long Square Nails are So Popular

Polls show that stylish and active women prefer a square nails manicure for long nails. What are its main benefits? What design should they choose?

Here are some advantages of square nails:

  • This form is very practical. If you have a lot of things to do, but want to have a stylish manicure, your hands will not suffer from everyday routine work.
  • They are more resistant to breaks and stratification. The plate is less susceptible to injury; long edges do not break very often.
  • Working with a computer will not cause much inconvenience. Probably, this is the main advantage for a business lady.
  • This very shape of the plate perfectly harmonizes with the garments of the classical style. So this is the perfect solution for a busy woman who likes smart casual!
  • This is an excellent basis for beautiful designs of varying complexity.

Would you like to impress your colleagues & friends with your hands? Looking for something really unique? The most visually successful long square nail designs go as follows:

  • Dark mono. Excellent with any rich color of polish! We advise you to pay attention to those popular shades, fashionable in this season: cherry, silvery-gray, black, red, purple, marsala.
  • Shades of nude and gentle pastels. Dark manicure can sometimes look a bit aggressive, so there are occasions when it’s better to use light hues, especially for women with fair hair. A plain beige or light pink as bases for long plates can be decorated with modest patterns or drawings.
  • French manicure. A very beneficial option works perfectly this time too. Smooth “strip-smile” looks very impressive on this type of long nails, and you can make it even at home by yourself! Especially elegantly looks a variant with color, but a traditional one – no less spectacular solution.
  • Floral pictures. Compositions of flowers are very beautiful and impressive. It can be a Chinese painting or a decorating with a thin stone.
  • Animal prints. This time spacy plates are an ideal basis for applying fashionable patterns. There is no doubt that bright marigots with a reptile skin will look too aggressive. The most impressive variants are leopard and snake prints.
  • Geometry. You can make all your dreams come true! It does not matter in which direction: horizontally or vertically! And you can do painting simultaneously, creating a chessboard on the nails. However, diagonals, triangles and squares are no less original variant.

And last but not the least is abstract drawings. Forget all the rules of the combinations and follow the inspiration!