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Why Blonde Box Braids in Line with Black Roots are So Trendy

African braids originated on that continent and were known even before our era. Then they spread all over the world – certainly not without a reason, but because it was a super practical way to care for hair. If such a style hasn’t lost its popularity for ages, there must necessarily be something special in it, isn’t it? Not surprisingly, year by year, top world designers make bold experiments in total looks with fair box braids.

Go to catwalks to see the newest trends or sign up to famous beauty bloggers on the Internet. With such an access to the information, why don’t you change your image completely to surprise relatives and friends?

Blonde box braids with black roots are very popular because they:

  • are a simple and pleasant way to be preoccupied with styling for several months;
  • give hair a little peace and protect it from an aggressive influence of the environment.

In addition, with the amazing options listed below, you will get wow-effect, curious looks and maybe be media attention. Weaving makes up a lot of room for creativity. There are a lot of techniques for such type of a hairdo. In addition, you can experiment with texture, parting, bandana, pins etc.

Read some tips of such kind of a hairdo to make your choice:

  • The most popular option envisages braids, which evenly cover the head. This approach was followed by professional stylists globally, since it always emphasizes individuality.
  • Using an African type, hairdressers often create masterpieces. Some of them are so talented that they can do something similar to a blossoming rose, or another flower on the female head. For many professionals it is not just a job, but an art and a way of self-expression. That’s why you need to find a talented expert you can trust.
  • The options are very versatile, but combination of blonde & dark is always a good solution. Once you choose something special and got the work done, arrange your braids into magnificent hairstyles.

Would you like to learn about clients’ feedbacks? Here are some of them for inspiration:

  • This solution will be ideal for the beach to avoid additional worries during the holidays, or when it is necessary to give yourself a small break.
  • Specialist will do everything very quickly in the salon. If your friend promises to help you, most likely, it will take more hours.
  • There are so many different types of this weaving that you will surely pick up something suitable exactly for your face shape.
  • Better spend a few days to learn all the variants and stop your eyes on one sample. Making a decision about choosing a style is never easy but reward will be really great.

Nota bene! Remember that the smaller the weaving is, the more elegant your image looks. And vice versa: the wide box braids look extravagant & youthful. Mix fair and dark colors in one hairdo for even more impressive look.